Bethany Hardy


Summer of 2018 I hiked the West Highland Way in Scotland. Beginning with a day in Glasgow, I then joined the trail in Inverarnan , leaving the trail just before Fort William in order to ascend Ben Nevis. 

I found myself leaving my cameras aside. With 35mm film and a 35mm lens, I was not equipped to capture the landscapes in a way that I felt did them justice, instead I enjoyed taking a break from shooting and soaking in the natural beauty. I found myself looking through my lens in the towns adjoining the trail. Subject matter I am much more excited by (photographically speaking). The unique character of each of these places were for me what defined the surrounding landscape.  Hiking through the mountainous trails I found myself thinking about the hundreds of years of change in civilisation, rich history and culture, that these mountains have witnessed. Whilst they remain, the ultimate observers. 

Through the eyes of a lens we only capture minute glimpses of a much larger frame in our existence. Analog photography provides us with the means to leave behind little physical traces of the world in which we existed, Collectively printing a bigger picture. 

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