Bethany Hardy

Re-purposed London

Re-Purposed London considers the footprint of buildings in a city of constant change and development. Sites of adaptive re-use refers to when an old site is re-used for a new purpose; this being more economical, and an effective method of land conservation. I focused mainly on sites where the previous use contrasts with its current; whilst managing to retain some of the life and character from its past. I am drawn to the way, that in an ever-growing society we can hold onto, and reflect on, past life and influences which were once of importance. The series explores a selection of examples and portrays their changing life span. 
I was inspired by architectural archives and a Sophie Calle feel: the idea of a 'reveal' or un-covering secrets.

Here I show images from exhibition. The collection consists of five locations. Each have a black and white exterior shot, accompanied by text outlining the history of the building; and a colour interior shot. This is to create a feeling of past and present. The small scale frames (approx 8x10inch) inviting the viewer to come close to the work, maybe have a read, and un-cover a snippet of London history.

Jamyang Buddhist Centre

1869 Magistrates Court, near Elephant and Castle, originally

built as Police Court by architect Thomas Charles Sorby

1990 The Court closed and became empty

1995 Went to Auction and became home to ‘Jamyang Buddhist

Centre’ and a nine foot Buddha, following work took place

restoring elements such as holding cells now acting as guest


Beaconsfield Gallery

1851 ‘Beaufoy Ragged School’ for children, Vauxhall, (later

known as ‘Beaufoy Institute’), built by Henry Benjamin

Hanbury Beaufoy as memorial to his wife

1995 BecameBeaconsfield Gallery Vauxhall’, contemporary art

gallery, founded by artists Angus Neill, David Crawforth

and Naomi Siderfin 

Gasholder Park

1850s (Expanded in 1883) ‘Gas Holder No.8’ in Kings Cross,

used for Pancras Gasworks town gas storage

2000 Removed from service, later dismantled in 2011

2013 Returned to Kings Cross and re-built, into ‘Gasholder

Park’ and event space designed by Bell Phillips Architects

The Attendant 

1890s Underground public men’s restroom in Fitzrovia

1960s Closed and disused for around 50 years

2013 Opened as the ‘The Attendant’ coffee roastery, café and

kitchen, developed by Bosh McKeown and Ryan De



1930 ‘The Carlton Cinema’ in Islington by architect George

Coles with Egyptian themed Art Deco

1940s Roof and plasterwork damaged in World War II bombing

1972 Cinema closed and re-opened as a Bingo Hall until 2007

2013 First phase renovation completed, now ‘Gracepoint’ events

hire venue, capacity of over 900, elements of building still

being restored 

The research side to the project I designed to replicate an archive. Each page goes into the history behind each locations past in much more depth. 

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